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Getting Started

How to setup motion sensors and use them with Find Empty Room app.

  1. SELECT PLAN - based on the number of rooms you plan to use. Try it now, first three months are free!
  2. ACQUIRE MOTION SENSORS - you can order pre-configured hardware at volume pricing through our web site.  We also support bring-your-own sensors (as long as they are IFTTT-compatible, e.g. D-link
  3. ENABLE IFTTT - only needed for bring-your-own-sensor use case: we will provide you with an IFTTT account so you can authorize the connectivity to our app
  4. ADD ROOM DETAILS - please email us the details (room #, floor, capacity, email address of the room (in Outlook), projector/whiteboard flag) for each room where your sensors will be placed.
  5. INSTALL APP - download our app (Android, iOS) and register using your work email.  The correct email address is important because it is used to authorize you to list and reserve rooms.